Logistics :

Engaged in offering transportation, international freight, logistic services, internation airfreight shipment, inventory management and cargo insurance services.

We at Saawariya packers also provide clients domestic, industrial & official packing & other services related to logistic with atmost care.
Transportation Services :

Saawariya Packers & Movers is serving the transportation needs of our customers throughout the India. Our years of experience and excellent performance makes us your FIRST CHOICE FOR DEPENDABLE, QUICK, SAFE AND SATISFIED car transportation.

We at Saawariya Packers & Movers transport cars, by providing specially covered car trailers, all over India. We offer complete DOOR-TO-DOOR services, be it from one city to another or even from one street to another.
Loading and Unloading :

Loading of goods is also of great significance to us because many goods are damaged during this process. We provide trucks for the transportation of goods. We make it certain that all valuables arrive at their respective destinations with no damage at all. Relocation of goods is done timely without causing any anxiety to our customers. Once the goods have reached the destination, we unpack them at the destination with utmost care and attention.
Custom Clearance :

The experienced technical experts can help your goods clear quickly and efficiently with our automated customs-clearance network. Our customs experts can guide you through the complexity of customs department. We handle all import & export permit requirements for goods. No matter how big or small your cargo requirements are, we at World Wide Customs & Forwarding Agents offer a comprehensive world wide, door-to-door service for importers and exporters. Saawariya Packers & Movers provides its valued customers with the highest level of service in customs clearance through our global network of service companies. We provide efficient reliable service at competitive prices.
Car Transportation by Car Carrier :

We transport cars by special covered car traillers to all over India and World Wide with door to door service. It is done by trailors & containerised trucks specially designed for the safe carriage of cars. We are serving the transportation needs of our customers throughout the India. Our years of experience and excellent performance makes us your FIRST CHOICE FOR DEPENDABLE, QUICK, AND SAFE car transportation.

Saawariya Packers & Movers has car, truck, suv, and van carrier, we have access to hundreds of trucks. This gives us the ability to meet our customers needs worldwide in a timely manner.
Warehousing Services :

We provide warehousing facility to our clients. Goods can be stored for short or long time at our warehouse. Our warehouse has a complete security and climate control system. Household goods are stored in wooden storage vaults, which provide great security to its contents.We provide trained, insured and reliable labour for freight handling and warehousing services across the country. More than just a lumper service, Premier offers a full range of warehousing and yard management services with OSHA-trained and certified employees as well as on-site management. We believe that warehouse services, especially the loading and unloading process, should not be left to question or chance. Our primary focus is to raise these services to the same efficient and reliable level as other phases of your business.
Packing Services :

We offer quick packing services that mainly include the packing of household goods. The entire packing is done under the supervision of an expert who ensures that the goods are perfectly packed so that they do not get damaged during transit.
Insurance Services :

While packing moving work is going on, there is always a risk of possible damage of your valuable goods. What if your goods are reached as damaged goods to your new home.

Since we use world class packaging material thus reduces your goods damage risks and improve your bottom line but the goods that are being pack n move must be insured so that you don't have to take much care about packing moving since your goods are Insured.

Generally packers movers that are not efficient in their work will not offer you goods insurance, but it is recommended that you should go for it.
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